divorce papers inside the courtroom

Divorce rates have risen by over 20% since 1984, leaving many men desperately searching for the best divorce lawyers in Sydney to help them through what can be an incredibly challenging time.

Between overwhelming emotions and figuring out where you are going to live, going through a divorce is not pleasant. Statistics show that the majority of separations are initiated by women, meaning that many men are left shocked by the turn of events. This can make it even harder for them to process, leaving many turning to drugs and alcohol, which only causes more problems, such as depression, violence and suicide.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Here is a list of expert tips for getting through a divorce, provided by some of the best divorce lawyers in Sydney.


Get help


There is no need to be ashamed to seek help – there are so many organisations out there who really want to give you the support that could change your life. Whether it’s financial aid, a place to stay, counselling to help you process your feelings in a healthy way, or even just chatting to the best divorce lawyers in Sydney, support is out there. Support networks such as Dads In Distress can be highly beneficial, too – thousands of men attend these meetings every week and find it cathartic being able to share their feelings with likeminded people.

It is unfortunately common in Australian culture for men to be encouraged to suppress their emotions and “soldier on”, but this contributes to some of the greatest rates of depression and suicide worldwide. It is healthy to cry and express your emotions in a healthy way. The best divorce lawyers in Sydney do not expect you to have it all together during a divorce.


Rediscover your identity

One of the hardest parts of going through a divorce is the loss of identity you might experience. Often your partner and kids are a big part of your identity, which means that divorce can really shake you to the core. The best divorce lawyers in Sydney suggest the solution is to get into the things you are passionate about. Whether it’s getting involved in the local community garden, finding a new job, or doing a hobby you love, all these things can help you rebuild your self-identity and give you a sense of purpose, belonging and self-confidence.


Look after yourself

a drunk man

One of the biggest differences between how men and women cope with divorce is that women tend to stay on top of their health and home whereas men do not. Domestic tasks like cooking and cleaning may be more of a challenge for some men, note the best divorce lawyers in Sydney, who may not have done such tasks much before. Some men may fall into the habit of microwave meals and beer for dinner, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Whether it’s watching a YouTube video to figure out how to wash a stain out of your shirt or reading a cookbook to make yourself a healthy dinner, there are plenty of resources out there to help you live well. Getting enough sleep and having good hygiene, along with having the support of the best divorce lawyers in Sydney, are important for improving your wellbeing and your ability to cope with the divorce in a healthy way.

Going through a divorce is hard, so don’t make it harder by refusing to get help. Drugs and alcohol have a range of negative long-term consequences and aren’t a healthy way to deal with your negative emotions. Consider joining a support group or seeing a counsellor.